Help & FAQ

Getting Started & Membership Basics

Getting Started & The Basics

How do I edit my Account Details?

How can I contact the RECOVETD team?

Can I delete my account?

How can I share a testomonial?

Where can I follow you on social media?


Browsing & Buying FAQ

Browsing & Buying FAQ

How do I search listings near me?

How do I contact a Seller?

I found the perfect item! Now what?

What payment methods are accepted for purchases?

Do you require any background checks on the Sellers?

What is the "Confirmation Code" and what do I need to do with it?

When I went to pick up my purchased item, it didn't match the description. Now what?

When I search for listings near me, only a few results are listed. What can I do?


Posting & Selling FAQ

Posting & Selling FAQ

How do I post a listing?

How do I edit my listings?

How do I delete my listing?

What type of items can I sell?

Are there any fees for posting a listing?

Do I have to add my home address to the listing?

Do listings ever expire?

Can I ship an item to a customer?

How do buyers contact me regarding my listing?

Are buyers able to complete the purchase process on this site?

When will I receive my funds?

What cities are open for posting a listing?

Is there a "Vacation Mode" for my listings?

What is the "Confirmation Code" and where do I get it?


Effective Date: January 15, 2015.
Updated: March 9, 2016.
RECOVETD reserves the right to alter these policies at any time.